past Exhibition

George Museum: December-January – Group exhibition

George Museum: October – Group exhibition

Awarded best landscape artist by the South Cape association of visual arts for 2018

Coen Scholtz Recreation Centre Johannesburg: October – Thami Mnyele Fine Arts top 100 exibition

12 March to Friday 25 March 2017 (open Monday to Sunday 13h00 – 17h00) at A-Berth, South Arm Rd, Cape Town Harbour. Entry is free to the public.




Group showing at the George Museum.

ends 27 August



Itch Issue 14: VALUE

Group showing at the erdmann contemporary Cape Town up till 5 December. Also exhibiting at the Floradale Fine Art Gallery East London. 10518708_711786038889535_1760054932171804315_n 11000_531841713585877_4626863688490473407_n detailsheader make8elieve -Publication 4 Screen shot 2013-08-06 at 7.18.19 AM ITCH – issue 12 – Taboos TabooFront2 Floradale Fine Art Logo logo


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